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21 May 2019
BGIPU Chair Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP discusses media freedom with BBC Africa Commissioning Editor Nisha Kapur & undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.JPG

Globally, threats to journalists are the highest they have been in ten years. Following a landmark FCO conference over summer, the UK Parliament will host an International Parliamentary Seminar on Media Freedom under the auspices of the BGIPU. The Chair of the British Group of the IPU, Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP, has invited members of parliament from across the world to take part in this event at the Palace of Westminster in London from Monday 9th September to Wednesday 11th September 2019 and has hosted initial events.

6 April 2019
The UK Delegation at the 140th Assembly of the IPU was lead by BGIPU Chair, Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP and included our Vice-Chair, Baroness Hooper, Executive Committee members and other MPs and Peers.JPG

Parliamentary dialogue and diplomacy were at the forefront of 140th IPU Assembly from 6 to 10 April in Doha, Qatar, as over 800 MPs from 160 countries convened in the world’s biggest platform for global parliamentary exchange. In the final Doha Declaration endorsed at the Assembly, MPs from national parliaments underlined the critical role of education to enhance peace, security and the rule of law as well as support democracy and human rights.  IPU President, Gabriela Cuevas, said "The IPU is celebrating its 130th anniversary which in itself is proof of continuity and the important role of the global organization of parliaments. It also puts a heavy responsibility on us as parliamentarians to seek effective and sustainable solutions to ensure a peaceful and inclusive future. Access for all to quality education is vital to fight xenophobia, extremism and ensure viable democracies that work for all the people.”

6 April 2019

At the 140th IPU Assembly in Doha, Qatar, the global parliamentary community strongly condemned human rights violations against MPs worldwide. At the Assembly, the IPU Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians, the only international body with an exclusive remit to support MPs in danger, recommended action in the cases of 187 parliamentarians in a dozen countries whose human rights have been violated.  Today, the IPU comprises 179 national member parliaments and 12 regional parliamentary bodies. It promotes democracy, helps parliaments become stronger, younger, gender-balanced, and more diverse. It also defends the human rights of parliamentarians through a dedicated committee made up of MPs from around the world.