Our Latest Work

30 June 2015
IPU Room seminar format 2.jpg

A Special General Meeting (SGM) on 30 June elected Nigel Evans MP as the new BGIPU Chair in the wake of the recent 2015 General Election in the UK.  The SGM also elected new members to fill a number of other Executive Committee vacancies along with the nomination of Ian Liddell-Grainger MP to fill the UK vacancy on the IPU’s Executive Committee.

17 June 2015
MPs and Peers discussing with Ambassadors situation in their countries

On 17 June 2015 BGIPU hosted a roundtable on Eastern European Security that brought together Members from both Houses, Ambassadors and Embassy representatives from relevant countries and academic experts. Chaired by Steve Pound MP, the event gave Members who had recently participated in BGIPU visits to the region (Armenia, Georgia, Poland and Ukraine) the opportunity to report back and highlight some of the outcomes and issues discussed, as well as allowing Ambassadors from the region to give an update on the current situation and priorities in their respective country.

8 June 2015
BGIPU participating in IPU Seminar in Geneva

From 8 to 12 June 2015 BGIPU staff member Anja Richter participated in a seminar at the IPU headquarters in the House of Parliaments in Geneva, together with Secretaries and Clerks from other parliaments’ IPU Groups, to learn more about the functioning of the IPU and its procedures, and to exchange ideas and knowledge with counterparts. Sessions included presentations on IPU statutory bodies, the budget, the work of standing and other committees, programmes and initiatives, and discussions on historical origins, major trends and developments within the IPU.