Latest Updates

16 May 2017

The IPU held an information seminar for senior parliamentary staff from 16 to 19 May at the IPU headquarters in Geneva to provide more in-depth understanding of ther IPU, its functioning and main activities. Parliamentary staff from a total of 27 countries attended including from the UK with sessions on the IPU’s history and key developments, the Organization’s main bodies and areas of work, the communications strategy and budget.

15 May 2017

A study entitled "Global trends in climate change legislation and litigation" launched on 9 May during the Conference on Climate Change in Bonn finds countries across the globe have adopted more than 1,200 laws to limit climate change—an impressive rise from only 60 laws two decades ago. Low-income countries have been particularly active on the issue. Courts are complementing the actions of legislators through rulings on the implementation of existing climate laws, and two-thirds of their rulings have either strengthened or maintained climate change regulation.

5 April 2017

Expressing grave concern with the extreme political, social and economic inequalities prevalent in the world, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has called for immediate action to reverse this trend and leave no one behind. In a declaration issued at the close of the 136th IPU Assembly in Dhaka, Bangladesh, IPU Members highlighted that "extreme inequalities" come at a high cost to society, stalling economic growth, undermining the democratic process and social cohesion and increasing the risk of violence and insecurity. The parliamentarians also pledged to work towards the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 10 on redressing inequalities within and among countries.