Who we are

MPs receive update from NATO-led international peacekeeping force in KFOR


The Officers of the Group are elected annually by the BGIPU Members at the Annual General Meeting. The Officers head the Executive Committee and liaise between the Committee and the Secretariat in coordinating the programmed activities of the Group.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, led by the Officers govern the work and activities of the Group and are responsible for programme content and the financial management of the Group. The Committee meets regularly to discuss and decide upon the programmed activities of the group.

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The BGIPU Secretariat has the primary goal of providing policy advice and administrative support for the activities of the Group. Its main task, under the leadership of the Director, is to facilitate the engagement of UK Parliamentarians with their counterparts overseas.

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The BGIPU Secretariat has a dedicated staff of 8 people working at the Palace of Westminster and 1 Millbank managing the activities of the Group. From time to time vacancies will arise and we will recruit through application and merit-based procedures broadly in line with House of Commons practice following advertised on this website.

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