Activities: Inward Delegations

Belgian delegation with Lord Speaker

Belgian delegation discuss renewable energy, Brexit and regional representation

BGIPU hosted a delegation from Belgium on 4 and 5 July. The delegation included Stephanie D’Hose, President of the Belgian Senate, Andries Gryffroy, President of the 12+ Group in the IPU and Vice-President of the Belgian Senate and Michel De Maegd, Member of the Belgian IPU Group and they were accompanied by Peter Vercammen, Official of the […]

BGIPU's parliamentary side event for the Ukraine Recovery Conference was hosted in conjunction with the Ukraine APPG, FCDO and WFD.

Verkhovna Rada delegation visits to participate in Ukraine Recovery Conference in London

From 20-22 June, BGIPU had the honour to host a bilateral delegation of parliamentarians and officials from Ukraine led by Oleksandr Kornienko, First Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in association with the Ukraine Recovery Conference. In addition to a busy programme of calls on UK parliamentary counterparts, including the Speakers of both […]

ROK delegation near Elizabeth Tower outside Westminster Hall

ROK delegation visit highlights common areas for mutual engagement on key emerging issues

BGIPU was delighted to host a reciprocal visit from Members of the Republic of Korea’s National Assembly on Wednesday 14 June, following a successful visit to Seoul last year. The visit was led by former Minister for the Environment, Hon. Jeoungae Han, who played a key role in hosting the BGIPU delegation in Seoul in […]

Delegation with Big Ben

Delegation from the Dominican Republic engage over parliamentarianism and visit the University of Oxford

BGIPU was delighted to host a delegation from the Dominican Republic from 15 – 19 May 2023. The visit was led by Deputy President of the House of Deputies Olfanny Mendez Matos, and also included Deputy President of the Senate Santiago Zorilla, Spokesperson of the Opposition Aris Yvan Lorenzo, Senator Lia Diaz de Diaz, Deputy […]

The delegation from Armenia visited the Palace of Westminster from 6 to 8 March 2023

Armenia delegation call for increased UK influence to encourage peace in the south Caucasus

BGIPU was delighted to host a delegation from Armenia from 6-8 March 2023. Arranged in close collaboration with the APPG for Armenia, the visit was led by Eduard Aghajanyan MP, Chair of the Armenian friendship group with the UK, and also included Sargis Khandanyan MP, Chair of the Armenian Foreign Affairs Committee, Maria Karapetyan MP, […]

Delegation from Latvia greeted by BGIPU Chair, Rt Hon Karen Bradley MP

Latvian delegation focused on defence and security issues in exchanges with UK MPs/Peers

A delegation from the Saeima (Latvian Parliamentarian) visited UK from 20-22 February 2023 led by Mr Rihards Kols, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee (National Alliance Parliamentary Group), Ms Antoņina Nenaseva (Progressives Parliamentary Group), Mr Gatis Liepins (The New Unity Parliamentary Group), Ms Viktorija Pleskane (Stability! Parliamentary Group), Mr Jānis Vucans (Union of Green and […]

Ukraine MPs give high priority to maintaining strong UK support for their country in the face of Russia's illegal war

Exchanges with Ukraine counterparts prove vital to keep MP/Peers updated on Russia’s illegal war

From 28 November to 1 December 2022, BGIPU hosted a delegation of five parliamentarians from Ukraine. The visit was the third in a series of visits this year (the others being in June and July), reflecting BGIPU’s commitment to work with Verkhovna Rada members and make sure they have regular contact with their UK counterparts. […]

The delegation from Colombia met key UK counterparts including BGIPU Chair, Harriett Baldwin MP, Baroness Meacher and Baroness Hooper.

Visiting Senate delegation from Colombia have key exchanges in Westminster and Belfast

From 21-25 November, BGIPU hosted a delegation of five parliamentarians from the Senate of the Republic of Colombia, with the objective of enhancing parliamentary relations between the two countries. The delegation was led by Senator Germán Blanco Álvarez (Colombian Conservative Party), and he was accompanied by fellow senators Carlos Fernando Motoa, Carlos Abraham Jiménez, Sor […]

The delegation enjoy a tour of Parliament led by Tim Loughton MP

Madagascar visit highlights for UK MPs/Peers climate vulnerability threats

BGIPU hosted a delegation of Madagascan Parliamentarians from 31 October to 5 November 2022, including President of the Senate HEM Herimanana RAZAFIMAHEFA, President of the UK/Madagascar Friendship Group Hon Maminiaina Solondraibe RABENIRINA, Mr Jean Andre NDREMANJARY, Hon Henri Dominique RAZAKANDRAINY, who were accompanied by Ms Hantasoa FIDA CYRILLE, the Senior Diplomatic Adviser of the President […]