Activities: Inward Delegations

The delegation was led by Mr Hubert Julien-Laferrière, a National Assembly Member, and he was accompanied by two senators, Mr Didier Marie and Mr Louis Jean de Nicolay pictured here with Tim Loughton MP during a tour of UK Parliament.

After 2 years, BGIPU’s bilateral visits resume welcoming a delegation from France

On 1-2 February 2022, BGIPU hosted a delegation of three parliamentarians from France. The visit had the purpose of enhancing parliamentary relations between the two founding countries of the IPU. It was the first inward delegation BGIPU has hosted in Parliament since the pandemic, and it was significant that the first visit was our closet neighbour […]


Reinforcing close ties with our Italian counterparts

On 23-26 June 2019, BGIPU hosted a delegation of six parliamentarians from Italy to build upon their understanding of Brexit from a range of differing UK perspectives. It was also useful for UK Members to gain knowledge of the key issues at play in Italy and to hear how the UK’s activities are perceived abroad. The visit reinforced the already strong UK relationship with Italy and saw willingness on both sides to foster closer bilateral links in the future.

Kosovo Foreign Affairs Committee Chair and members meet Chair and members of the UK's International Development Committee.JPG

Strong links underscored by Kosovo exchange

From 22nd-23rd May BGIPU hosted a parliamentary delegation from the Republic of Kosovo, led by the Chairwoman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs, Diaspora and Strategic Investment, Professor Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, four other colleagues and officials.   This visit was a success in consolidating the already strong bilateral relationship enjoyed between the UK and Kosovo and how parliament to parliament links play a vital role in ensuring that bilateral relations continue to grow and adapt to changing circumstances.

Visiting Parliamentary Delegation from Slovakia meet with the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat MP and member, Mike Gapes MP.JPG

MPs from Slovakia get a box seat on the Brexit process

From 11 to 13 March, a parliamentary delegation from Slovakia visited the Palace of Westminster led by the Chair of the EU Committee, Mr Lubos Blaha accompanied by 5 other members.  The visiting delegation benefited greatly from this visit at a pivotal time in the Brexit process and had access to many key players on all sides of the debate. It gave them important views of the difficult issues facing the UK Parliament and underscored that Slovakia stands ready to support the UK as a reliable friend whatever the eventual outcome. 

The delegation visited the UK Parliament to hear more about Brexit and to strengthen relations between the UK and North Macedonia.JPG

Exchange serves to strengthen links with North Macedonia

A parliamentary delegation from North Macedonia visited the UK for a three day visit from 4 to 6 March. This visit cemented the already strong links between the Parliament of North Macedonia and the UK Parliament and was a very timely visit given that the Prespa Agreement had recently been agreed and the bilateral dispute between Greece and North Macedonia was now resolved. 

The visiting delegation led by the President of the Dutch Senate enjoyed a tour of the Palace of Westminster by Lord Craigavon.JPG

Netherlands visit boosts relations in advance of Brexit

A Parliamentary delegation from the Netherlands led by the President of the Senate made a timely visit to the UK from 25 to 27 February to discuss bilateral relations against the background of the UK’s imminent departure from the European Union.  The programme ensured the delegation met with as many relevant Select Committees as possible and that they heard from many UK Parliamentarians across the full scope of views regarding Brexit.  Exchanges showed that bilateral relations remained very close and strong.

Parliamentary delegation from Angola meet the FCO Minister for Africa, Ms Harriett Baldwin MP

Building stronger relations between UK and Angola

A parliamentary delegation from Angola visited the UK for a five-day visit from 29 October to 2 November 2018. This inter-parliamentary visit was a success in consolidating the strong relationship enjoyed between the UK and Angola and followed a UK Delegation visit to Luanda in 2015. An extensive programme allowed for exchanges with UK counterparts on economic progress in Angola, Brexit developments, bilateral issues, energy including wind farming and parliamentary practices.


Austrian MPs get timely update on UK Brexit plans

On 2-3 July BGIPU hosted a small cross party delegation from Austria for a timely visit to see a snapshot of the state of the UK’s Brexit process moving forward and hear a wide variety of perspectives on the likely end state for a post-Brexit Britain. It was equally useful for UK members to hear about the key issues and challenges being experienced by Austria including the socio-economic impacts and political changes being created by migration pressures on Europe.