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Park Slavy, in Kherson, Getty Images.

IPU Leadership statement following illegal annexations of four Ukraine regions by Russia

We support and align ourselves with the position of the United Nations, as expressed by the UN Secretary-General, in condemning the illegal annexations of four regions (Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia) of the sovereign country of Ukraine, in violation of its territorial integrity and internationally recognized borders. The UN Charter is clear: any annexation of […]

IPU President expresses strong condemnation of the illegal annexations of 4 sovereign areas of Ukraine.

IPU President condemns Russia’s illegal annexation of sovereign areas of Ukraine

In a statement released on 30 September following President Putin purporting to annex parts of the neighbouring sovereign state of Ukraine, IPU President Duarte Pacheco said on twitter “I strongly condemn the illegal annexations of 4 sovereign areas of #Ukraine. They have no legitimacy following sham referenda held under Russian force. This is a clear […]

The IPU Forum of Women MPs at the 144th IPU Assembly in Indonesia.

IPU outlines five ways women parliamentarians can get ahead in politics

As Liz Truss becomes the UK’s next PM, here’s how women parliamentarians can gain ground in politics. Succeeding in politics is tough – succeeding as a woman is even harder. Millions of women around the world face discrimination, sexism and violence, with women parliamentarians being no exception. Liz Truss’s appointment as the United Kingdom’s Prime […]

@UNHCR/ Sylvain Cherkaoui. A road made impassable by floodwaters near the Kafia site for displaced people in Baga Sola, Chad.

Global parliamentary solidarity for those forced to flee due to climate change & conflict

Communities impacted by climate change are often already struggling with poverty. Floods, storms, unreliable rainfall, and hotter and drier conditions further affect access to human rights and basic needs such as water, food, livelihoods and land. Sometimes, the consequences of climate change become a driver of conflict, forcing people to leave their homes and communities. […]

©MPs from the Asia Pacific Region meet in Islamabad

Asia-Pacific parliamentarians call on carbon polluters to reduce emissions

Dozens of parliamentarians from the Asia-Pacific region have called on the big carbon polluters to shoulder more responsibility for climate change and to meet their obligations under the Paris Agreement. The parliamentarians met in Islamabad, Pakistan, on 13-14 September, for the Third Regional Seminar for the parliaments of the Asia-Pacific region on Achieving the Sustainable Development […]

BGIPU Chair, Harriett Baldwin MP speaks in the House of Commons on 10 September 2022 to pay tribute to the late HM Queen Elizabeth II.

BGIPU Chair pays tribute to the late HM Queen Elizabeth II in House of Commons

During tributes to the late HM Queen Elizabeth II in the House of Commons on 10 September 2022, the BGIPU Chair Harriett Baldwin MP highlighted the vital global role played by Her Majesty in encouraging peace and understanding in the world including inter-parliamentary dialogue noting that she opened three IPU Conferences convened in London in […]

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opens the 82nd IPU Assembly in London, 1989

IPU Message to the UK Parliament on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On behalf of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and its wider membership, we offer our deepest condolences to the British Royal Family, the Government and the people of the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth of Nations. Our thoughts also extend […]

Rwanda to host 145th IPU Assembly with focus on equality & gender-sensitive parliaments

At the invitation of the Parliament of the Republic of Rwanda, the 145th Assembly of the IPU and its related meetings will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from Tuesday, 11 to Saturday, 15 October 2022. All IPU statutory bodies, including the Governing Council, Standing Committees, Committees on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians and on Middle East Questions, […]