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Nawal El Moutawakel was also a torch-bearer for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens/ AFP

Going for gold: IPU highlights the contributions of five parliamentary Olympians

Excelling as a world-class athlete and performing parliamentary work both require determination, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence. As we count down to the Paris 2024 Olympics, let’s meet five trailblazers who succeeded in both arenas. 1. Sebastian Coe – United Kingdom Sebastian Coe is a former middle-distance runner who won four Olympic medals, including […]

UK and French flags Riccardo Milani / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP

Gender equality highs and lows: a tale of two parliamentary elections from IPU

Following an intense week of elections, the IPU’s two founding members, France and the United Kingdom, have just completed their parliamentary elections. How have both parliaments fared in terms of gender equality? How do they compare to previous chambers and the IPU’s global average of women in parliament which stood at 26.9% before these latest […]

The 148th IPU Assembly in Geneva ©IPU

IPU global poll finds that world’s MPs are cautiously optimistic despite global challenges

On the eve of International Day of Parliamentarism and the IPU’s 135th anniversary on 30 June 2024, the IPU is presenting the findings of its first global perceptions poll of the parliamentary community. The IPU polled members of parliament and related stakeholders from around the world to gauge their levels of optimism, their perceptions of the greatest […]


IPU statement strongly deplores violence during protests at the Kenyan parliament

The IPU strongly deplores the loss of life and the violence that occurred yesterday at the Kenyan Parliament. On behalf of the global parliamentary community, the IPU urges all parties to exercise restraint and calls on the authorities to refrain from any acts of brutality. The IPU firmly believes in the right of the Kenyan […]

Opening session of the 23rd IPU Parliamentary Conference in October 1925 in the US Congress. Copyright Harris & Ewing.

Marking its 135th anniversary the IPU recalls its proud history and global contribution

The late nineteenth century was an uncertain and turbulent period. For many world powers, war was the only way to settle any differences. But two parliamentarians – one British, one French – realized that it did not have to be this way. Visionaries at the time, William Randal Cremer and Frédéric Passy believed that a more peaceful and […]

The 6th Intercultural Dialogue Forum took place in Baku, Azerbaijan in May 2024. © ANADOLU / Anadolu via AFP

Interfaith and intercultural dialogue: Parliaments are joining the conversation

With religious tensions and interfaith violence posing significant threats to peace and security today, parliaments as state institutions and parliamentarians as representatives of their communities are beginning to engage more with religions and beliefs. With this in mind, in its 2022-2026 strategy, the IPU decided to pioneer a new approach which encourages parliaments to interact more with the ecosystems […]

The IPU will celebrate its 135th anniversary on 30 June as the world's oldest multilateral political body.

IPU Anniversary on 30 June: Watch 135 years of the IPU in 135 seconds

On 30 June 1889, visionary parliamentarians Frédéric Passy of France and William Randall Cremer of the United Kingdom brought together MPs from Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Liberia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA in the first inter-parliamentary meeting in Paris, France. The Inter-Parliamentary Conference, later to become the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) was born. […]

Speaker of the Azgayin Zhogov (National Assembly of Armenia), Mr. Alen Simonyan, and the Speaker of the Milli Mejlis (National Assembly of Azerbaijan), Ms. Sahiba Gafarova meet at IPU HQ on 16 May 2024

IPU hosts 2nd round of bilateral talks between Speakers of Armenia and Azerbaijan

The IPU facilitated a second round of high-level parliamentary talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan today, offering its good offices to the delegations. IPU Secretary General Martin Chungong welcomed the Speaker of the Azgayin Zhogov (National Assembly of Armenia), Mr. Alen Simonyan, and the Speaker of the Milli Mejlis (National Assembly of Azerbaijan), Ms. Sahiba Gafarova, […]

Drones are displayed on the back of military vehicles. MOHAMMED HUWAIS / AFP

Autonomous weapons: IPU adds parliamentary weight to pressure for regulation

Earlier this year, the IPU addressed the urgent issue of international regulation for autonomous weapon systems (AWS) and artificial intelligence (AI), which could have deadly implications for political stability and human rights. Indeed, these emerging technologies have already been used on battlefields around the world including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Gaza and Ukraine. In some ways, AWS […]