What we do

Through its programme of activities, the BGIPU seeks to engage Parliamentarians in key global issues and works to expand awareness and understanding of foreign relations and the contribution to be made by the UK Parliament to consolidate parliamentary democracy worldwide.  The key activities below are set out in our membership brochure.

The principal activities of the Group are as follows:

IPU Conferences and activities

  • The Group manages the participation of the UK Parliament at IPU Assemblies and other international meetings on key global matters, including global meetings of the WTO, UN AIDS Conference & the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Read more about our recent involvement in IPU Assemblies and conferences here.

Overseas Delegations

  • The BGIPU organises formal bilateral exchanges between members of the UK Parliament with other national Parliaments with the objective of increasing understanding and cooperation between both countries and developing mutual appreciation of the challenges and opportunities for international cooperation.

Read more about our recent overseas delegations here.

Welcoming Parliamentarians to Westminster

  • The BGIPU arranges formal bi-lateral exchanges in the United Kingdom with members of Parliament from IPU member states, as well as international Parliamentary seminars on specialist subjects. A key objective of such exchanges is to allow counterpart Parliaments to better appreciate processes in the UK which might provide best practice guidance in strengthening their own parliamentary institutions and procedures.

Read more about our recent inward delegations to Westminster here.

Seminars and Conferences

  • The Group arranges seminars, conferences and lectures for UK Parliamentarians, foreign Parliamentarians and key parliamentary stakeholders on issues of current interest to develop Parliamentarians’ knowledge and expertise on foreign relations issues.

Read about our conferences, seminars and Westminster-based activities here.

All Party Parliamentary Groups

  • The BGIPU also supports and promotes the activities of affiliated All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) of IPU member countries, with an interest in fostering working relations with individual countries by partly funding APPG bilateral programmes and facilitating contacts and exchanges of views during visits hosted by APPGs of IPU member countries in Westminster.

Read more about the assistance BGIPU can give to APPGs here.