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Annual Report of the BGIPU for 2015 published

The Annual Report of the BGIPU for 2015 was published on 10 November in advance of the 13 January 2016 Annual General Meeting to be presided over by the Speaker of the House of Commons, The Rt Hon John Bercow MP, Honorary President of the Group.  The key aims of the AGM will be to adopt the Annual Report for 2015 and elect the Executive Committee for 2015/16.  Full details are included on the BGIPU Governance Page.

The Annual Report includes an overview by the current BGIPU Chair, Nigel Evans MP, in which he highlights that in 2015 BGIPU has received delegations to the UK Parliament from five Parliaments, Morocco, Iran, Ukraine, Honduras and soon Cote D’Ivoire and has sent delegations to six countries, Burma, Ukraine, Romania, Angola, Mexico and shortly Senegal.  These bilateral exchanges were also supplemented by shorter visits to Westminster by parliamentary counterparts and officials from Vietnam, Andorra, Ukraine, Uruguay, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Mexico, Iraq and Indonesia.

The Chair also notes the contribution UK delegations have made to recent IPU Assemblies, including through key multilateral resolutions and bilateral exchanges.  In addition to IPU Assemblies in Hanoi and Geneva, BGIPU also sent UK delegates to a number of IPU-organised meetings, including on the occasion of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59) in New York in March and for the IPU Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians in Tokyo in May. BGIPU also supported the participation of both the Speaker and Lord Speaker in the 4th World Conference of Speakers of Parliament in New York in September 2015.