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BGIPU Chair has virtual meeting with her new counterpart from Israeli Knesset

On 16 September, BGIPU Chair, Harriett Baldwin MP, had a virtual meeting with her counterpart as Head of the Israeli delegation to the IPU, Avi Dichter MK, who also chairs the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Knesset.

Both former Ministers in their respective national governments had taken up the role of leading their national IPU groups earlier this year and the UK and Israel share membership of the 47-member Twelve Plus Group of the IPU. Ms Baldwin MP also conveyed the congratulations of UK parliamentarians to Israel on the major diplomatic breakthrough the day before with a ceremony in Washington in which Israel was able to normalise diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Following discussion of each parliament’s role and approach to supporting national efforts to address Covid-19 developments in both countries, there was a broad discussion on IPU issues in the lead-up to 12 Plus meetings and the virtual Governing Council meeting in early November which will include election of a new IPU President.

Both heads of delegation reiterated the importance of the UK and Israel bilateral relationship, welcomed ongoing efforts by all partners in the region to achieve long-lasting and sustainable peace in the Middle East and agreed the need for continuing close cooperation and dialogue in face of current challenges facing the world in which the IPU remained a vital institution.


BGIPU Secretariat