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BGIPU Chair hosts diplomatic corps for State Opening event

The BGIPU Chair, Nigel Evans MP, speaking to members of the diplomatic corps following the State Opening of Parliament, expressed appreciation for the work Ambassadors and their embassies do in support of inter-parliamentary dialogue.  Noting the close cooperation and support BGIPU enjoys with a wide arary of Ambassadors and diplomatic staff, the Chair highlighted the appreciation of UK parliamentarains for their engagement with the diplomatic corps and the importance in finding mutual understanding among nations in an increasingly uncertain international landscape.

The BGIPU Chair also called on members of the diplomatic corps, UK parliamentarians and invited guests to pause for reflection on recent terrorist attacks in the UK and elsewhere abroad noting such events require us all to recommit to global cooperation as an effective means of defeating hatred and extremism.  Those assembled also reflected on the tragic loss of life from the fire at Grenfell Towers noting people from many countries and communities had perished or lost loved ones in this disaster, a reflection itself of the diversity of London.

The BGIPU State Opening reception held in conjunction each year with the State Opening of the UK Parliament provides an important opportunity for BGIPU and a wide range of UK parliamentarains to meet and acknowledge the excellent cooperation we enjoy with the diplomatic corps in London and to set the scene for BGIPU’s annual propgramme of bilateral exchanges and multilateral engagement through the IPU.