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BGIPU Members discuss priorities with UK Ambassadors

As BGIPU have done in recent years, we took advantage of the presence in London of British Ambassadors for the annual FCO Leadership Week by arranging two roundtable meetings with parliamentarians and the UK’s senior diplomatic representatives on 12 July 2017. This gave MPs and Peers a very valuable opportunity to discuss UK perspectives on recent developments in key African and Latin American countries identified as priorities on the BGIPU forward programme.

The Africa roundtable provided a setting for detailed discussions with the UK Ambassadors to South Sudan, Liberia and Angola as well as the Ambassador-designate to Madagascar. The Latin America Roundtable involved exchanges between MPs and Peers on national and regional developments with British Ambassadors to Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

This availability of so many Ambassadors in London for consultation on BGIPU plans and priorities provided a unique opportunity for parliamentarians to engage directly with the UK’s senior diplomatic representatives in these countries gaining important updates on national priorities, bilateral engagement and broader regional trends. BGIPU Secretariat staff also took the opportunity on 13 July to meet with a wide range of other UK representatives to discuss future planning for a wide range of inward and outward visits to Europe and Asia.

This annual engagement was again very beneficial in helping focus future BGIPU planning and underscoring the vital support we receive from the FCO in London and the UK’s many Embassies and High Commissions abroad. BGIPU members and staff remain very grateful for this support for our inter-parliamentary work.