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IPU gravely concerned by reports of military coup in Burkina Faso

The IPU expresses grave concern over reports of a military coup in Burkina Faso with the arrests of President Kabore, the Speaker of Parliament and other government officials as well as news of the dissolution of the National Assembly.

The IPU calls for a swift return to constitutional order with respect for the rule of law and democratically elected institutions.

Gunfire and violence on the streets are not the answer to the current situation. The IPU urges the military to show restraint and for all parties to come together to find a peaceful solution in the best interests of the Burkinabe people.

The IPU condemns in the strongest terms the growing trend of military interventions in political life in the region as demonstrated by events in Chad, Guinea and Mali and now Burkina Faso, over the past 18 months.

IPU Secretariat, Geneva