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Lusophone parliaments meet in Cabo Verde to commit to action on climate change

The National Assembly of Cabo Verde hosted a meeting of the IPU’s Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries last week in Praia on the theme Climate change in the face of the challenges of sustainable development. The Portuguese-speaking parliaments shared the specific challenges they face in each country and their respective good parliamentary practices on climate change.

The IPU President, Duarte Pacheco, said “We are already seeing the devastation that climate change can cause in our countries. We are seeing widespread drought in Angola, catastrophic cyclones in Mozambique, increasing forest fires in my country of Portugal, and sea-level rise here in Cabo Verde. These impacts will only get worse unless we act. We have the responsibility to help stop this crisis before it is too late.”

In the final outcome document, the Praia Declaration, the parliaments committed to aligning their policies and strategies on climate change with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

They also committed to reviewing national legal frameworks on water governance, to promoting widespread use of new technologies in mitigation strategies to combat climate change, particularly in the energy sector.

The meeting follows the adoption of the Nusa Dua Declaration on climate change at the 144th IPU Assembly in Indonesia in March 2022.

IPU Secretariat, Geneva