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MPs/Peers hear about developments in Mexico and Peru from UK Ambassadors

On 7 July BGIPU and Canning House co-hosted the second of its virtual Latin America roundtables to mark this year’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Leadership Week. The meeting was chaired by BGIPU Executive Committee Member and Latin America APPG Chair, Mark Menzies MP, with discussion moderated by BGIPU Executive Committee Member and Latin America APPG Vice-Chair, Baroness Hooper, and introductory remarks from Canning House CEO, Cristina Cortes. Members received briefings from Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Peru, HE Kate Harrisson, and Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Mexico, HE Corin Robertson, and there was an opportunity to ask questions and comment on themes raised in the presentations.

HE Corin Robertson began the presentations with a detailed overview of the outcome of the recent Mexican midterm election and the resulting political dynamics in Congress. She outlined the impact the pandemic has had on Mexico, including the resulting economic implications for the second largest Economy in Latin America. The Ambassador also gave details of her Embassy’s work and the Mexican Government’s most recent infrastructure projects. HE Kate Harrisson followed with an update on the political, economic, and social situation in Peru. She explained the election process and gave an overview of the projected results which are expected to be announced next week. She touched upon the projects the Embassy and the Peruvian Government are undertaking and described opportunities for future collaboration on infrastructure, climate change, and fintech.

This meeting provided Members with invaluable first-hand information from Ambassadors on the situation in both Mexico and Peru. BGIPU would like to thank Canning House, HE Kate Harrisson, and HE Corin Robertson for their excellent contributions to this valuable roundtable.

BGIPU Secretariat