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MPs/Peers hear about global impacts of misinformation from BBC experts

On 20 July, BGIPU collaborated with the BBC APPG and the BBC World Service to deliver the webinar Countering disinformation: reaching new audiences. The event was chaired by BBC APPG Chair, Huw Merriman MP and presentations were provided by Senior Controller for BBC News Output & Commissioning, Jamie Angus, Specialist in Disinformation & Social Media Correspondent, Marianna Spring, BBC Monitoring Disinformation Lead, Rebecca Skippage, BBC Reality Check Delhi Correspondent, Shruti Menon, and BBC Brazil Reporter and Disinformation Expert, Juliana Gragnani.

The meeting, which was attended by Members of the House of Commons and Lords as well as media experts, was an excellent opportunity to hear about disinformation trends and the methods the BBC is using to counter disinformation tactics across the world. Jamie Angus opened the presentations with an overview of how the BBC is tackling disinformation globally, noting its significant investment in analysing and understanding disinformation in order to counter its effects. Shruti Menon followed with details of how her team in Delhi has been monitoring anti-vaccination and unproven Covid-19 treatment disinformation in India. Marianna Spring then spoke about the challenges faced by reporters and discussed the tactics used by those who spread disinformation achieve their success. Juliana Gragnani introduced the BBC’s work in Brazil and emphasised the importance of producing content which is grounded on science and evidence in order to gain and maintain users’ trust. Rebecca Skippage echoed this message, noting that the BBC will continue to invest in producing transparent, reliable, impartial, relevant, and engaging news, which will in itself counter disinformation around the world.

BGIPU would like to thank the BBC APPG and the excellent BBC panellists for their contributions and valuable work.


BGIPU Secretariat