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Outgoing President reports to IPU Governing Council on key outcomes of her 3-year term

On the opening day of the virtual Governing Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union on 1 November 2020, the outgoing President Gabriel Cuevas reported key achievements and events during the term of her three-year Presidency to the IPU membership.

Addressing many of the 412 registered delegates from 145 of the IPU’s 179 members parliaments participating, the former President who completed her term on 19 October, outlined some 29 working meetings with heads of state and head, participating in over 30 United Nations high-level meetings, conferences, and events, visiting 48 countries visited, attending over 20 Parliamentary Conferences with more than 90 bilateral meetings with Speakers of Parliament and presiding over 20 Meetings of the IPU Executive Committee.

The outgoing President’s report was also complemented  by a comprehensive report by the IPU Secretariat on its activities during the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic, which had prevented any  physical meeting of the IPU impacting the final year of the Presidency of Ms Gabriela Cuevas from around March 2020 onwards, necessiatating this extraordinary meeting of the governing Council to be convened under special procedures as provided for the the Statutes and Rules of the IPU.

A new IPU President will be elected as a key item on the agenda of this extraordinary 206th meeting of the IPU Governing Council with a result known on either 2 or 3 November prior to conclusion of the Council on 4 November 2020.

BGIPU Secretariat