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Special General Meeting elects Nigel Evans MP as BGIPU Chair

The BGIPU membership attended a Special General Meeting (SGM) on 30 June in the IPU Room chaired by Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger MP (BGIPU Chair a.i.). The key purpose of the SGM was to elect a new BGIPU Chair and fill Executive Committee vacancies for the remainder of 2014/15 following the outcome of the May 2015 General Election.

Below comprised the final list of nominations to fill the vacancies.  These nominees were duly elected to the vacancies by the BGIPU membership convening for the purposes of the SGM.  The SGM also agreed that Ian Liddell-Grainger MP would be the BGIPU’s nomination to fill the current UK vacancy on the IPU’s Executive Committee to be elected at the next IPU Assembly in October 2015.


Chair (from Party of Government – 1 MP vacancy)

Nigel Evans MP


Conservative Party (4 MP vacancies)

Bob Blackman MP

Conor Burns MP

Mark Pritchard MP

Laurence Robertson MP

Labour Party (3 MP vacancies)

Sarah Champion MP

Seema Malhotra MP

Gavin Shuker MP

Scottish National Party (2 MP vacancies)

Lisa Cameron MP

Stuart Donaldson MP

This SGM outcome confirms the composition of the BGIPU Executive Committee until the Annual General Meeting scheduled for late 2015.