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UK Ambassador to Lebanon briefs MPs/Peers on current developments in the country

On 17 November, BGIPU hosted a parliamentary briefing with Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Lebanon, HE Chris Rampling MBE. This meeting had been requested by Rt Hon Sir John Hayes, Chair of the Lebanon APPG.

The event gave UK MPs and Peers the opportunity to hear first-hand updates on the political, economic and social situations in Lebanon. The country has suffered a series of crisis this year: protests, COVID-19, the catastrophic explosion at Beirut’s port on 4th August and an ongoing and severe economic decline.

After the fatal blast, which made around 300,000 homeless and killed over 200 people, the Ambassador explained that the UK had provided around £25 million in aid. Among other logistical and military support, the UK sent a military ship which was the first to arrive and surveyed the port post-explosion.

The engagement between UK Members and Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Lebanon proved hugely productive with the event raising a wide range of questions concerning both the causes of the huge problems facing Lebanon and what the future is likely to hold for the country.  BGIPU would like to thank the Ambassador and the FCDO for their continued support in keeping parliamentarians informed in international matters of such key interest and importance to our members.

BGIPU Secretariat