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Through its programme of activities, the BGIPU seeks to engage Parliamentarians in key global issues and works to expand awareness and understanding of foreign relations and the contribution to be made by the UK Parliament to consolidate parliamentary democracy worldwide.

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Our Work

IPU gearing up for the International Day of Democracy

  • IPU is gearing up for the International Day of Democracy. © S_K_S (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
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Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Geneva

Press Release from the IPU dated 31 August 2017

Marking the 2017 International Day of Democracy (IDD) on 15 September, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is celebrating two important milestones: the 10th anniversary of the IDD and the 20th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Democracy. The IPU has placed this year’s IDD under the banner of the overall theme “In defence of democracy”.

At the IPU, we are gearing up for IDD. We will be hosting holding two events on 15 September, one in Geneva on the current state of democracy and one in New York on putting the core values set out in the Universal Declaration into practice. We are also making available resources such as posters, videos and an exhibition that you can download and use.

Many parliaments will be hosting their own celebrations. You can find selected events on our website.

On 8 September, we will be launching an online petition in support of stronger democracies. The petition will be presented to political leaders from 173 parliaments and the United Nations.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out how you can sign the petition and for information on the IDD.