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IPU announces call for geopolitical groups to nominate for the 2024 Cremer-Passy Prize

The Cremer-Passy Prize, named after the IPU’s founders, William Randall Cremer and Frédéric Passy, is awarded every year to sitting parliamentarians who make an outstanding contribution to the defence and promotion of the IPU’s objectives, as well as those ”who contribute to a more united, peaceful, sustainable and equitable world.”

In 2022, the inaugural prize was exceptionally awarded to two nominees, one woman and a group led by a man, to underscore the importance of gender equality at the IPU. Ms. Cynthia Lopez Castro of Mexico, and the Chairman and all the Members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine were awarded the prize at the 145th IPU Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda.

In 2023, the second edition of the prize was awarded to the former Speaker of the Tuvalu Parliament, Mr. Samuel Teo, in recognition of his outstanding work on climate action, linked to the theme of the year and the IPU’s climate campaign Parliaments for the Planet.

All nominations for the 2024 edition should go through the IPU’s six geopolitical groups who should submit one candidate from their region with a second nomination as an alternate.

The geopolitical groups should fill in the submission form and provide a cover letter setting out the reasons why the parliamentarians deserve the award.

The forms and letters should be sent to by 30 April.

This year, in line with the overall theme of the year, the winning parliamentarian or group of parliamentarians should have an exceptional record when it comes to peace and security.

The prize will be awarded at the second IPU Assembly of the year in October 2024.

Read the rules and regulations here