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IPU video highlights how parliaments worldwide are addressing COVID-19 pandemic

The IPU has found most parliaments are continuing to function despite the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).  The IPU has released a video highlighting the many diverse ways in which the world’s parliaments are responding to COVID-19, including through passing emergency legislation to protect their populations, particularly the most vulnerable in  society.

Many are working to support government efforts to manage the crisis, including ensuring democratic processes are respected, including through creating appropriate checks and balances between the parliament and the executive.  Parliaments are also respecting health measures and social distancing provisions and finding new ways to work through adopting new procedures to allow video conferencing and remote working.  The IPU has worked very effectively to ensure parliamentary experts worldwide have been able to consult each other and learn collectively to address this new unprecedented realities facing the world.

The IPU has also worked constructively to connect its members and engage key international bodies to ensure parliamentary perspectives are heard and being reflected in global efforts to address this unprecedented global challenge, connecting members, key external stakeholders and hosting webinars.


Find the video here on Youtube.

IPU Secretariat, Geneva