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MSF reports to MPs/Peers on humanitarian crisis in Tigray

On 4th March, BGIPU co-hosted a briefing with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and other humanitarian players on the Humanitarian Situation in Tigray. Four months into the crisis, the worst violence may be over, but there is a tangible risk that without political stability Tigray could turn into another protracted humanitarian crisis.

The meeting was chaired by Ms Pauline Latham MP, BGIPU Exco Member and Vice Chair of the Africa APPG. The speakers who gave the briefings were: Ms Kleijir and among other non-government bodies working in country to provide humanitarian support to the most vulnerable. The briefing was attended by a range of MPs and Peers all with a keen interest in Ethiopia.

Ms Kleijir spoke first and at length about the difficulties faced by MSF in their attempt to provide vital healthcare to those most in need. She explained that although MSF have a team working in the area where there is ongoing fighting, there are many parts of the region that the NGO cannot reach. She spoke about the unimaginable horrors that civilians face and the overall security degradation which has resulted in some people opportunistically looting villages and health centres.

The briefing highlighted the impact of conflict and the crucial work that MSF do. It is clear that a diplomatic solution to the crisis is the best solution and for that to happen there needs to be peaceful discussions, compromise and collaboration. BGIPU would like to thank Ms Kleijir and other aid workers for taking the time to speak to UK Members of Parliament on the humanitarian crisis and security dangers faced by civilians in Tigray and the surrounding areas.


BGIPU Secretariat