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#WorldParliamentDay: Are parliamentary democracies in danger?

Press Release by the IPU Secretariat in Geneva to mark #WorldParliamentDay

As the world celebrates for the first time, on 30 June, the International Day of Parliamentarism, data on parliaments shows a mixed picture.

This date was chosen by the United Nations General Assembly in Resolution 72/278 as it coincides with the day in 1889, close to 130 years ago, that the IPU—the global organization of parliaments—was founded.

What is the International Day of Parliamentarism? It is an opportunity to celebrate parliaments, as the cornerstone of democracy, and as institutions designed to improve the lives of the people they represent.

It’s also a time to take a snapshot of the state of parliaments in 2018, to monitor progression but also identify challenges. In an age of many problems – from climate change, mass movements of people, to the rise of populism and autocracy – the world needs its parliaments more than ever before.

From the IPU’s unique worldwide vantage point, and its privileged relationship with parliaments, we note some flashpoints. Are parliamentary democracies in danger? How can we protect the human rights of MPs in countries where they are under threat and actually violated? How can parliaments better represent women and young people? How can parliaments keep the trust of the people? How can parliaments develop to meet the challenges of today?

Click here to see the IPU attempt to answer some of those questions using IPU and other data, as well as 1-minute video interviews with some leading parliamentarians.

Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Geneva