Month: November 2017

The UK was represented at the 4th IPU Conference of Yopung Parliamentarains by Daniella Rowley MP and Ranil Jayawardena MP.JPG

Young MPs call for greater youth participation

Young MPs from 51 countries have defined a youth-centred action plan that promotes inclusive democratic and socioeconomic policies for all.  More than 120 young men and women MPs attended the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) Fourth Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians in Ottawa, Canada on 17-18 November adopting a united approach to end exclusion and marginalization of young people.  The UK was represented by Danielle Rowley MP and Ranil Jayawardena MP. 

UK MPs, Chris Law, Clive Lewis, Alex Sobell and baroness Northover attend parliamentary meetings held in association with COP 23 in Bonn.JPG

UK delegation joins call for urgent action at COP 23 in Bonn

From 10-13 November, Chris Law MP (SNP), Clive Lewis MP (Labour), Alex Sobel MP and the Rt Hon Baroness Northover (Lib Dems) attended the IPU Meeting on the occasion of COP23 in Bonn, Germany, on behalf of BGIPU.  The delegation assessed that the US decision to leave the Paris Agreement has galvanised all the other nations of the world to work more closely together in tackling climate change head on and the world needs to go faster and further more quickly to save the planet from irreversible climate change.

The UK delegation led by Lord Howard at Mongolia's parliament, the Grand Hural.JPG

Mongolia visit underscores strong ties & cooperation with UK

From 3-11 November, Lord Howard led a six-member delegation to Mongolia in a reciprocal visit following the Mongolian delegation to Westminster in February 2016.  Both sides shared their enthusiasm at seeing new parliamentarians involved in developing the ties between Mongolia and the UK.  Mongolia is one of just six genuine democracies in Asia, a truly remarkable achievement given the fact that until 1990 it was, effectively, ruled for hundreds of years under the strong influence of either China or the Soviet Union.

Members of the UK delegation meet the Foreign Minister of Mongolia.JPG

Mongolia and the modern world

Mongolia is a unique country. It has a population the size of Wales and a land mass nearly three times that of France, and in terms of its history, geography, culture, natural resources and political position, there is no other country quite like Mongolia. This means that Mongolia faces distinctive challenges, which are in many ways peculiar to the country. 

UK delegation meets the President of Madagascar, His Excellency Rajaonarimampianina Rakotoarimanana.JPG

Warm welcome for UK delegation to Madagascar

During our week-long visit to Madagascar in November, UK members found a common theme being the great warmth shown towards the British. Madagascar is celebrating 200 years since the friendship treaty with the UK and there is a clear wish from the President down to pursue membership of the Commonwealth.  Indeed, the visit by the President to the UK earlier in the Autumn to open a new embassy further underlined the importance they placed on closer links with the UK which was also underscored by the way we were received during our timely visit.

Fabian Hamilton MP giving delegation a tour of both Houses

BGIPU hosts timely visit from Grand National Assembly of Turkey

From 30th October to 3rd November, BGIPU hosted a high-level delegation from the Turkish Grand National Assembly led by Mr Hayati Yazici from the AK Party, Chairman of the Turkey-UK Interparliamentary Friendship Group and a former Deputy Prime Minister. The programme included three days of meetings in Westminster and two days in Edinburgh. Topics discussed during the visit included the bilateral and future trade relationship in the context of Brexit, but also human rights concerns, the fight against terrorism and regional relations.