Month: December 2012

BGIPU Executive Committee Member, Mr John Robertson MP, also a member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, provided a report on his perspectives on COP18 saying that while ambitions had been admittedly low, progress made was sufficient in setting up a way forward which maintained momentum for global action and encouraged governments to continue to focus on how best to find agreement on areas to be progressed

Good COP / Bad COP: Parliamentary Perspectives from COP18

The two week long climate talks in Doha came to a close on 8 December with 194 countries agreeing to implement a second phase of the Kyoto Protocol, from 2013 through 2020. The Doha round of talks mark the beginning of a transition to a new global climate change regime that will come into effect from 2020 and include within its ambit all countries. The BGIPU held a lecture to discuss: Good COP / Bad COP: Parliamentary Perspectives from COP18.

The BGIPU sent two delegates to the Annual UN Parliamentary Assembly on Peacebuilding at UN Headquarters in New York , Craig Whittaker MP and Lord McConnell.

Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations

‘A road less travelled: parliamentary approaches to conflict prevention, reconciliation and peace building’; By focusing on the role that Parliamentarians and Parliaments can play in conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction, the Conference dealt with an element of peacebuilding that receives too little attention in the normal course of events.