Month: June 2014

IPU Headquarters in Geneva

125th Anniversary of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) celebrated 125 years of global parliamentary action on resolving conflicts and building democracy on 30th June in Geneva on the anniversary of its creation in 1889.  The event discussed some of the many challenges democracy faces today. The anniversary date of 30th June also marked the end of Anders B. Johnsson’s tenure as IPU Secretary General after 16 years during which the Organization has worked in all regions to promote and build democracy.

Sudan delegation meets the Minister for Women

Sudan delegation highlights women’s role in politics and peace

BGIPU hosted an all-women parliamentary delegation from Sudan to Westminster from 23-27 June 2014. The visit was a key opportunity to engage with parliamentary counterparts from Sudan on developments in the country and to engage on specific gender issues relating to political empowerment and the role of women in peace efforts. The visit also provided an important opportunity to gain insights into human rights issues in Sudan with the delegation keen to present its perspectives on issues relating to religious freedom, women’s rights and justice issues.


Parliamentarians commit to ending sexual violence in conflict

In partnership with CPA UK, BGIPU co-hosted an international parliamentary event on the fringe of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict on 12 June which was chared by Baroness Hodgson of Abinger. The event – “Implementing the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative” – focused on concrete actions that could be taken by parliamentarians, bringing together parliamentary delegates to the Summit, British MPs and civil society experts to share examples on legislation, private members’ bills, and committee work aimed at addressing sexual violence issues.

Roundtable with UK counterparts

Portugal MPs reaffirm close partnership with UK in Europe

In close cooperation with the APPG for Portugal, we hosted a parliamentary delegation from Portugal to the Palace of Westminster from 9-11 June 2014. The visit served to highlight the long-standing and historic nature of relations between Portugal and the United Kingdom and the many common perspectives and interests shared by parliamentarians in both countries. Portuguese delegates expressed strong support for the UK remaining an EU member, including as an active partner for Portugal and others in pursuing EU reform efforts.