Month: May 2018


UN resolution strengthens the role of parliaments in global governance

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted its latest resolution on the interaction between the United Nations, parliaments and the IPU. The resolution, co-sponsored by over 90 UN Member States, reaffirms the commitment of all parties to continue efforts to bridge the democracy gap between the international agenda and its implementation at the national level. The resolution recognizes particularly the work of the IPU in mobilizing parliamentary action to implement the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Development Cooperation Forum underway in the EcoSoc Chamber at the UN.JPG

UK’s Lord McConnell attends the Development Cooperation Forum

Chair of the APPG on the UN Global Goals, Lord McConnell attended the Development Cooperation Forum at the UN HQ in New York 21-22 May 2018 with BGIPU support.  Having also attended previous meetings, he found that there continues to be a wide acceptance of the Global Goals and a willingness to talk about building national strategies and domestic capacity to deliver them.  But he sees insufficient progress on data collection, measuring results, and targeting resources requiring further attention and prioritisation.

The Lithuania delegation meet the Chair of the Exiting the EU Committee, Hillary Benn MP, and BGIPU Vice-Chair John Whittingdale MP.JPG

Insights on Brexit as Lithuania reaffirms partnership with UK

From 14-18 May a cross-party parliamentary delegation from Lithuania led by former Prime Minister Mr Andrius Kubilius MP from the opposition Homeland Union and five colleagues visited UK Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.  The delegation visited at a pivotal time in parliamentary consideration of the EU Withdrawal Bill and was able to gain significant insights into not only the process but many of the motivations behind Brexit.  They also shared common perceptions with UK counterparts on the hybrid and multi-dimensional threat posed by Russia.


Nepal determined to rebuild a positive path for the future

In a delegation visit to Nepal 6-12 May 2018 led by BGIPU Nigel Evans MP, UK MPs and Peers were impressed by the detemination of the people of Nepal after such hardship and misfortune to take positive and outward looking steps for its future. With its new political system in place and earthquake reconstruction efforts advancing, the delegation was given every expectation Nepal would be able to continue on a path to improving economic development and greater prosperity for all its people.


Renewing old acquaintances with Liberian counterparts

From 7-11 May 2018, a parliamentary delegation from Liberia visited the UK for a five-day visit. This visit was key in re-establishing ties between the Liberian Parliament and the UK Parliament, especially given that Liberia – although not currently a Member of the IPU – was one of the original founding member parliaments of the organisation in 1889.  This visit was a notable success with the delegation expressing a keen desire to rejoin the IPU.