Theme: Trade and Sustainable Development

APPG for the Polar Regions with the Speaker of Inatsisartut and Members of the Presidium.JPG

APPG for Polar Regions visits Greenland

From 23 August to 31 August 2018, the APPG for the Polar Regions visited Greenland to begin a dialogue with “Inatsisartut” (the Greenlandic Parliament) and “Naalakkersuisut” (the Government of Greenland), and learn more about the opportunities and challenges facing Greenland at a time of rapid environmental, geopolitical and economic change.

The delegation arrives in the Polish Parliament which was celebrating 550 years since it was created..JPG

APPG Poland underscore commitment to a vital relationship for UK

Against the backdrop of recent legal reforms in Poland, Brexit, Europe’s migrant crisis and the re-emergence of Russia as a threat to NATO, the APPG visit this July was timely, very interesting and immensely valuable.  The APPG was able to ensure our Polish counterparts knew of the United Kingdoms’ gratitude for their friendly voice during the Brexit process as well as assure them of our commitment to them, their diaspora and our longstanding friendship.


APPG for Kazakhstan visits Astana

Three members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Kazakhstan visited the country’s twenty-year-old capital city from Tuesday 29 May until Saturday 2 June. The delegation comprised Stephen Hepburn (MP for Jarrow, Labour), Lord Rogan (Cross Bencher) and the Chairman of the APPG for Kazakhstan, Bob Stewart (MP for Beckenham; Conservative).  The principal aim of the visit was to learn about Kazakhstan and to meet various sections of society there – especially parliamentarians.

The Development Cooperation Forum underway in the EcoSoc Chamber at the UN.JPG

UK’s Lord McConnell attends the Development Cooperation Forum

Chair of the APPG on the UN Global Goals, Lord McConnell attended the Development Cooperation Forum at the UN HQ in New York 21-22 May 2018 with BGIPU support.  Having also attended previous meetings, he found that there continues to be a wide acceptance of the Global Goals and a willingness to talk about building national strategies and domestic capacity to deliver them.  But he sees insufficient progress on data collection, measuring results, and targeting resources requiring further attention and prioritisation.

The Lithuania delegation meet the Chair of the Exiting the EU Committee, Hillary Benn MP, and BGIPU Vice-Chair John Whittingdale MP.JPG

Insights on Brexit as Lithuania reaffirms partnership with UK

From 14-18 May a cross-party parliamentary delegation from Lithuania led by former Prime Minister Mr Andrius Kubilius MP from the opposition Homeland Union and five colleagues visited UK Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.  The delegation visited at a pivotal time in parliamentary consideration of the EU Withdrawal Bill and was able to gain significant insights into not only the process but many of the motivations behind Brexit.  They also shared common perceptions with UK counterparts on the hybrid and multi-dimensional threat posed by Russia.


APPG on Somaliland delegation to Hargeisa

From 3-6 April 2018, a UK Parliamentary delegation visited Somaliland with support from BGIPU.  It concluded that over the past 27 years since declaring independence, Somalilanders have built a peaceful, stable and democratic independent state, including a multi-party political system with three presidential elections and a parliamentary election, a constitution, legislature and judiciary. Failing to recognise Somaliland is to deny it financial and economic opportunities as well as ignoring wider strategic interests for the UK in the region.

The UK delegation led by Rt Hon Ann Clwyd MP meets with the President of Iraq, HE Fuad Massoum.JPG

UK delegation visits Iraq at pivotal time for its future

A UK parliamentary delegation which visited Iraq 13-16 February 2018 saw the country poised at a crossroads in which the upcoming elections will be crucial. The policy approaches and political stability of any government resulting from these elections will be a key determinant in whether a largely positive trajectory on the back of the victory over Daesh will continue. Political stability, addressing corruption and economic/social progress are pre-conditions for the full delivery of the $30 billion pledged recently to rebuild the country. 

The Conference was convened by the  IPU and the European Parliament and hosted by the National Congress of Argentina.JPG

MPs at world trade conference urge end to global trade inequality

An international gathering of MPs has called for renewed momentum to conclude international trade negotiations that foster sustainable development. The parliamentarians urged all WTO Members to show flexibility and the willingness to compromise in order to conclude this trade round that has already lasted too long.  Over 500 participants, including some 220 MPs from 56 countries, attended the Parliamentary Conference on the WTO from 9-10 December in Buenos Aires, which preceded the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference

UK MPs, Chris Law, Clive Lewis, Alex Sobell and baroness Northover attend parliamentary meetings held in association with COP 23 in Bonn.JPG

UK delegation joins call for urgent action at COP 23 in Bonn

From 10-13 November, Chris Law MP (SNP), Clive Lewis MP (Labour), Alex Sobel MP and the Rt Hon Baroness Northover (Lib Dems) attended the IPU Meeting on the occasion of COP23 in Bonn, Germany, on behalf of BGIPU.  The delegation assessed that the US decision to leave the Paris Agreement has galvanised all the other nations of the world to work more closely together in tackling climate change head on and the world needs to go faster and further more quickly to save the planet from irreversible climate change.

Members of the UK delegation meet the Foreign Minister of Mongolia.JPG

Mongolia and the modern world

Mongolia is a unique country. It has a population the size of Wales and a land mass nearly three times that of France, and in terms of its history, geography, culture, natural resources and political position, there is no other country quite like Mongolia. This means that Mongolia faces distinctive challenges, which are in many ways peculiar to the country.