Activities: Inward Delegations


Iraq delegation keen to highlight unity and partnership with UK

BGIPU hosted from late November a delegation from Iraq led by the Chair of the Iraqi-British Parliamentary Committee, Dr Hanan Saeed Mohsin, with seven parliamentary collegues representing all the key factions of the Iraqi Parliament.  The delegation sought deeper engagement with UK counterparts with the key message being that for the first time in decades all Iraqis were united in securing the future with current efforts to liberate Mosul from the control of Daesh being a decisive and important step.


Albanian visit gives assurance of continuing partnership

From 12-14 September 2016, the Albanian Speaker Mr Ilir Meta MP visited UK Parliament, together with Mrs Arta Dade MP, Mr Gerti Bogdani MP, the Secretary General of the Albanian Parliament and other parliamentary officials. This timely and valuable visit gave the delegation better understanding of the debate around the UK’s vote to leave the EU and an insight into current UK’s political dynamics. There were strong assurances that Albania remains an important partner for the UK with firm commitments to strengthen bilateral relations.


Nepal Speaker visit boosts bilateral dialogue

A delegation from Nepal led by the recently elected speaker of their Legislature Parliament, Rt. Hon. Onsari Gharti Magar, visited 18 to 22 April with a delegation comprising five MPs and two senior officials. In a wide-ranging programme the delegation met many UK counterparts boosting the bilateral relationship, including discussing the UK’s contribution to earthquake recovery, Prince Harry’s recent visit and constitutional reform in Nepal. The Speaker also met both her counterparts prior to visiting Northern Ireland to look at peace and reconcilliation.


Knesset Speaker addresses UK MPs and Peers

The Knesset Speaker, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein visited the UK Parliament on 2 March 2016 during an official visit to the United Kingdom. He was accompanied by Knesset members and staff and delivered an address to members of both Houses in the IPU Room outlining his views on a range of issues related to the peace process, regional affairs and bilateral relations.  He also underscored his faith in the value of inter-parliamentary dialogue and the Knesset’s commitment to this, including through the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).  During his visit to the UK Parliament, Speaker Edelstein also meet the Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt Hon John Bercow MP and the Lord Speaker, Baroness D’Souza CMG PC.


Iceland Speaker focused on mutual concerns and political structures

BGIPU hosted an inter-parliamentary delegation from Icleand led by Speaker Mr Einar K Gudfinnsson from 29 February to 1 March 2016. The visiting Althingi delegation had the opportunity to meet a wide range of key parliamentary figures, including the Speaker of the HoC, the Lord Speaker and the the Leader of the Opposition.  The delegation gained key insights into the UK Parliamentary system, explored issues of mutual concern, including regarding the future of UK membership of the EU in advance of the 23 June referendum.


Mongolia visit highlights increasing engagement with UK

BGIPU hosted a parliamentary delegation from the State Great Hural of Mongolia, led by former Prime Minister, HE Mr Amarjargal Rinchinnyam from 22 to 26 February 2016. The visit served to highlight increasing engagement between the UK and Mongolia across a wide scope of activity including growing trade and investment links.  The visitors participated in a series of bilateral events and meetings with counterparts in London, learning more about the work and perspectives of UK counterparts, before travelling to Cardiff for calls in the Welsh Assembly.


Timely visit from Shura Council of Saudi Arabia

A parliamentary delegation from the Shura Council of Saudi Arabia had detailed exchanges with UK counterparts on bilateral and regional issues, including underscoring our common commitment in the fight against Daesh. Ongoing advances in the role of women in Saudi Arabia, including participation in local elections was also welcomed. The delegation engaged parliamentary counterparts on science, technology, innovation and business links to expand bilateral cooperation, culminating in a very productive visit to Oxford University.

Speaker Guillaume Soro with Baroness Hooper

Economic challenges & post-conflict issues dominate Côte d’Ivoire visit

In late November 2015 the British Group hosted Speaker Guillaume Soro from the Côte d’Ivoire National Assembly for a three-day visit to Westminster and two days at the Northern Ireland Assembly in Belfast. He was accompanied by five Members of Parliament and while the programme in Westminster focussed on bilateral relations, the Belfast visit provided an opportunity for the Ivoirians to reflect on Northern Ireland’s experiences with national reconciliation and similar challenges they face in addressing issues in a post-conflict society.


BGIPU Chair welcomes Kosovo representative to the UK Parliament

Members of the British Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (BGIPU) welcomed a high ranking representative of the Government of Kosovo to the House of Commons on Wednesday 28 October.  Petrit Selimi, Kosovo’s Deputy Foreign Minister, discussed the Kosovo government’s political priorities, including plans to develop its international status, over a working dinner with MPs and Peers in the House of Commons Dining Room as a guest of Nigel Evans MP, BGIPU Chair.

Round Table Discussion with Minister Swire.jpg

Exchange with Honduras highlights reform efforts and security challenges

The British Group hosted a visit from a Honduran parliamentary delegation, led by the President of the National Congress of Honduras, Mr Mauricio Oliva Herrera. UK counterparts were interested to hear the success of efforts in Honduras to address levels of violence and crime and provide more stable governance. The delegation called for increased UK trade and investment to enhance economic growth and new opportunities for youth. A visit to Northern Ireland provided an opportunity for Honduran MPs to reflect on Northern Ireland’s experiences and similar challenges they face in addressing conflict issues and advancing police reform.