Activities: Outward Delegations

BGIPU delegation with Members of the EU Integration and Foreign Affairs committees of the Croatian Sabor .JPG

Ahead of EU accession BGIPU Delegation meets with counterparts in Zagreb

The work of the delegation reflected three connected themes. Firstly, our message of how the European Union stands to benefit from Croatia’s forthcoming membership. Secondly, how Croatia’s economy can now be improved through its 2013 European Union membership as well as through its existing Council of Europe membership. Thirdly, how in 2013 the UK can continue to help Croatia in general, and in particular advise on evolving sound working practices between its government and parliament and Brussels.

President of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic during the meeting with BGIPU Delegates.JPG

A fascinating and informative BGIPU visit to the next country to join the European Union

Our visit to Zagreb was timely, given Croatia’s imminent entry into the European Union as its 28th member. Our party’s interests ranged widely in the educational, cultural, community and civil stability fields. Trade, tourism, economic matters featured strongly with a natural UK bent. The sub-set of Scottish (and Yorkshire!) interests played well against complementary Croatian regional concerns. 

BGIPU delegation at the Central America Integration System HQs in San Salvador, El Salvador

Drugs in Costa Rica and El Salvador

Whoever one meets in politics in Costa Rica and El Salvador, the gloomy presence of the drugs trade will eventually emerge in discussion. Previously by-standers in the drugs wars, these two countries now have Mexican drug cartels who have relocated in order to avoid detection and invest their profits.


Learning about complexities of narcotics trade and conflict in Colombia

This was the first BGIPU delegation to Colombia since 2003, and the timing could hardly have been more opportune, with the peace process between the Government and the FARC rebels starting on 5th October. Apart from the peace process, the delegation’s primary interests were in boosting bilateral trade and investment, learning more about joint efforts to combat drugs, Colombia’s efforts to preserve its unique environment, human rights in the country and deepening our inter-parliamentary ties.

outward delegation to mexico 2012.jpg

Outward delegation to Mexico

The aim of this delegation was to gain an understanding of Mexican issues in this election year, discuss trade, development, human rights and environmental issues, including energy and climate change. The delegation was very keen to understand the Federal nature of Mexico and thus travelled outside Mexico City to the State of Puebla. The delegation found this to be a very successful visit for all involved. 

Meg Munn MP with Female members of the House of Representatives.jpg

Exploring Constitutional reforms in Morocco

The Delegation to Morocco provided an opportunity or UK Parliamentarians to witness first hand changes effected in Morocco by the Arab Spring, the new Constitution and meet the new Parliamentarians elected to the House of Representatives in November 2011. The delegation met with the Speakers of both Houses of Parliament, the Moroccan investment agency and the British Council, among others. 

Alamar is a district in east part of the city of Havana

Visit to Organoponico Vivero in Alamar

Our visit to Alamar was one of the highlights of the trip to Cuba. It is an example of how the country has moved away, be necessity, from large scale agriculture on state farms which relied heavily on imported inputs on to a smaller scale system that is more organic and offers real food security. It consists of 25 hectares and is a non state co operative established some 14 years ago.