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A session in the Senegal Parliament, CARMEN ABD ALI / AFP

IPU condemns in strongest possible terms violence in the Senegal Parliament

The IPU condemns in the strongest possible terms the violence that took place in the Senegal National Assembly this week, committed by two parliamentarians, Mr. Yewi Askanwi and Mr. Moustapha Sy, against a pregnant parliamentarian, Ms. Gniby Amy Ndiaye. Any physical attack on a parliamentarian or between parliamentarians is totally unacceptable, regardless of what is […]

Mali mother in a sandstorm ©Reuters

IPU and Egyptian House of Representatives convene Parliamentary Meeting at COP27

The annual COP conference is the most important international gathering on climate change. It convenes leaders, policymakers, scientists and civil society from around the globe to identify joint solutions to advance climate action. The Parliamentary Meeting to be held on the occasion of the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties of the United […]

Zimbabwe maize harvest ©Reuters

IPU explains how African parliaments are addressing the climate crisis

There is no longer any doubt: developing countries are paying the price for human-induced climate change, despite being the least responsible for it. Some sources estimate that the Global North is responsible for 92% of excess historic global CO2 emissions. And yet, 55 of the most climate-vulnerable countries suffered economic losses totalling more than half a trillion […]

The delegation enjoy a tour of Parliament led by Tim Loughton MP

Madagascar visit highlights for UK MPs/Peers climate vulnerability threats

BGIPU hosted a delegation of Madagascan Parliamentarians from 31 October to 5 November 2022, including President of the Senate HEM Herimanana RAZAFIMAHEFA, President of the UK/Madagascar Friendship Group Hon Maminiaina Solondraibe RABENIRINA, Mr Jean Andre NDREMANJARY, Hon Henri Dominique RAZAKANDRAINY, who were accompanied by Ms Hantasoa FIDA CYRILLE, the Senior Diplomatic Adviser of the President […]

The UK delegation leader Harriett Baldwin MP with Ukraine counterparts, Alona Skrum, Lesia Vasylenko and Olga Rudenko.

IPU Member Parliaments at IPU145 in Kigali commit to accelerating gender equality

Parliamentarians from around the world have adopted the Kigali Declaration Gender equality and gender-sensitive parliaments as drivers of change for a more resilient and peaceful world at the end of the 145th IPU Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda.   The Declaration represents a milestone in progress towards gender equality and gender-sensitive parliaments. It encourages IPU Members to step up their efforts to […]

Rwanda to host 145th IPU Assembly with focus on equality & gender-sensitive parliaments

At the invitation of the Parliament of the Republic of Rwanda, the 145th Assembly of the IPU and its related meetings will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from Tuesday, 11 to Saturday, 15 October 2022.  More than 1200 delegates, including some 60 Speakers and Deputy Speakers of Parliaments, are expected to attend in person. The overall theme […]

President Pacheco addresses the Lusophone Parliamentary community on the importance of tackling climate change..

Lusophone parliaments meet in Cabo Verde to commit to action on climate change

The National Assembly of Cabo Verde hosted a meeting of the IPU’s Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries last week in Praia on the theme Climate change in the face of the challenges of sustainable development. The Portuguese-speaking parliaments shared the specific challenges they face in each country and their respective good parliamentary practices on climate change. The […]