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Through its programme of activities, the BGIPU seeks to engage Parliamentarians in key global issues and works to expand awareness and understanding of foreign relations and the contribution to be made by the UK Parliament to consolidate parliamentary democracy worldwide.

Here you can read the reports of our activities, including our Outward Delegations, IPU conferences and events and inward visits to Westminster.

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The meeting was hosted by Chair of the Hungarian All Party Parliamentary Group Craig Mackinlay MP, and Dr Richárd Hörcsik Chair of the Hungarian/British Friendship group.

UK Parliamentarians exchange views with their Hungarian Counterparts

On 20 September, UK Parliamentarians met virtually with members of the Hungarian Parliament. The meeting was hosted by Chair of the Hungarian All Party Parliamentary Group Craig Mackinlay MP, and Dr Richárd Hörcsik Chair of the Hungarian/British Friendship group. Dr Hörcsik welcomed and introduced the Hungarian members and noted they had been running slightly behind due […]

The meeting began with discussions concerning the impact of climate change and the road to COP26 as Madagascar faces climate-induced famine after a shortage of rainfall for the last four years.

Key exchange with Madagascar counterparts in advance of COP26

On 20 September 2021, BGIPU hosted a virtual bilateral meeting with Members of the National Assembly in Madagascar. The meeting was chaired by Tim Loughton MP, who had previously led a BGIPU delegation out to Madagascar in 2017. He was joined by Alex Sobel MP, Baroness Sheehan, Baroness Walmsley, Lord Thomas and Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Madagascar, David Ashley. […]

The virtual discussion, moderated by Ravi Agrawal, Editor in Chief of Foreign Policy magazine, included Jan-Werner Mueller, the Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences at Princeton University, Hélène Landemore, professor of Political Science at Yale University, and Martin Chungong, the IPU Secretary General.

Is democracy really in crisis?: A virtual discussion on International Day of Democracy

In honour of the International Day of Democracy, on September 15 the IPU held a virtual discussion on the theme ‘Is democracy really in crisis?’ It is a timely question, given a rising number of authoritarian and repressive regimes, attacks on parliaments and a backlash against traditional political parties and processes around the world. In […]

The meeting provided an opportunity for parliamentary attendees to hear from experts on the backslide of democracy which has occurred as a result of the increased powers executives have gained to manage the public health crisis.

International Day of Democracy Event discusses key democractic challenges

On Wednesday 15 September, to mark UN International Day of Democracy, BGIPU hosted its first in-person event after eighteen months of reduced parliamentary activity. BGIPU invited a panel of experts on democracy, including Franklin De Vrieze, Senior Governance Advisor at Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Sarah Birch, Professor of Political Science at King’s College London and […]

IPU President, Duarte Pacheco said “Over the past year, we have seen how governments have used the pandemic as a pretext to roll back human rights and weaken democracy.

World Conference of Speakers adopts declaration for more effective global solidarity

The world’s top legislators gathered in Vienna, Austria this week for the first major in-person international parliamentary meeting in over 18 months. The Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament brought together close to 100 Speakers from some 115 national parliaments and the heads of over a dozen regional and other parliamentary organizations. Afghanistan, climate change and […]

Over 110 Speakers of Parliament from around the world are expected to come to Vienna for the first physical large-scale inter-parliamentary meeting since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

World Conference of Speakers of Parliament to meet in person in Vienna on 7-8 September

The Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, the world’s largest gathering of the highest level of parliamentary representation, will take place in Vienna, Austria on 7-8 September. Organized jointly by the IPU and the Austrian Parliament, in cooperation with the United Nations, this in-person segment of the conference follows a virtual session held in August 2020. […]

All parliaments have a presiding officer with similar responsibilities to those of the original Speaker. However, they may be called President of Parliament, or President pro tempore. And in many cases the position is partisan, with the Speaker playing an important part in advancing the political platform they represent.

Seven important things you may not know about Speakers of Parliament

The office of Speaker is an ancient one, with its beginnings going back to the origins of the British Parliament. The Speaker role is an essential feature of the parliamentary system, and of all the Westminster parliamentary traditions, the Speakership has proved to be one of the most durable. The first Speaker There is historical […]

Vital need to ensure respect for the human rights of the 316 Afghan parliamentarians and the staff who support them, and in particular to the safety of the 86 women MPs, as well as former women MPs and female parliamentary staff.

IPU Committee Chairs make statement on the plight of parliamentarians in Afghanistan

Joint Statement of the Committee to Promote Respect for International Humanitarian law and the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians of the IPU on Afghanistan The Committee to Promote Respect for International Humanitarian law and the Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians of the IPU express their deep concern on the current human rights and humanitarian situation […]

Forest fires in Turkey August 2021 ©Omer Kundakci / Anadolu Agency via AFP

Specialised IPU resources will help parliamentarians fight climate change

The recently published sixth report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a wake-up call for parliamentarians the world over. Eight years in the making, and drawing on the work of hundreds of experts and scientific studies, the report confirms that humans are unequivocally the cause of climate change, and worse, it is occurring […]